How to Setup Stripe Account as an Non USA citizen

How to Setup Stripe Account as an Non USA citizen

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Hey guys, this is one of the most ultimate guide to setting up a verified stripe for non us citizens, non us residents or unsupported countries.

It’s one of the most out together guide on the internet right now.

Stripe Verified Account
Stripe Verified Account

In this guide, I will talk about everything you should know, and how to get a stripe account the legal way.

There are many reasons you may be looking for a stripe account, probably because:

1. You want to start a dropshipping business or already started one but need a stripe account.

2. You have an online store.

3. You have a business website and want to accept payments.

4. You offer personal services and need a stripe account to offer invoices and get paid.

5. … and lot’s more.

If you’ve tried getting a stripe account recently or previously, you will agree with me that it’s almost impossible to get a stripe account these days.

Sometimes when you follow the right process, it seems nothing is working, your account will end up not approved or rejected.

I feel your pain and that’s why I have put up this guide which has over 2000+ words, so you can bookmark it and read it when you’re ready.

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Getting Started with Verified Stripe Account For Non US

We have studied stripe so well, in fact, we have created lot’s of stripe accounts and we have created over hundreds of stripe account that got disabled or disapproved.

This doesn’t mean we used fake information, they were all legal and correct information but yet, it didn’t stay for a long time.

So, we have had more experiences and while doing this, we have learnt a lot of things and came across ideas and interesting things which we are going to write down here.

In fact this website “Buy Verified Stripe” was once a business website where we offered stripe account services and guess what?

We stopped, why?

Because it wasn’t going well as we planned, things were getting out of control and some of our customers were mad and sad.

We decided to stop, and convert the business website to this small weblog, though we still offer some services on the homepage.

We still offer services like Professional Dropshipping Store here.

Back to the news, we decided it’s better you follow the right process and get all requirements and we will guide you.

We will offer you 99% support on anything relating to what we have published on this blog.

Can I Really Use Stripe as a Non US Citizen?

One of the most popular question we got while we were offering stripe account services was:

“I’m a Non US citizen, if stripe finds out I’m not a US resident, won’t they disable my account?”

Well, that’s a good question, and I decided to include that in my keypoints today.


Oh well, if you’re a non us citizen, you can still use stripe. That’s not a Joke!

But there are requirements if you’re going to open a stripe account in a country you’re not from and that takes us to the stripe account requirements.

What are the Requirements to Starting a Stripe Account?

These requirements I’m going to say was written by STRIPE and NOT ME!

That’s to show you what’s involved and I will be including a snapshot from their page where they said it.

setup stripe for non us citizens

Now, you’ve seen that. You can use a stripe account in any country available in stripe, but you must meet the requirements.

These requirements are so easy to get, and that takes us to the next step of how to setup or create a verified stripe account as a non us citizen or from whichever country you came from.

Setup a Verified Stripe for Non Us Citizens or Resident

When we talk about “non us citizens”, this means if you’re a “non us resident” or from an “Stripe unsupported country” and want to use stripe to accept payments.

Repeating this, the requirements to setup a verified stripe account are:

1. Form an LLC.

2. Get an EIN (Employer Identification Number) also known as Tax ID.

3. Physical US Address (NOT VIRTUAL).

4. Physical US Bank Account (Payoneer, TransferWise or any Known US Bank).

5. US Phone Number.

6. Government-issued ID such as National ID, Passport or Drivers license.

7. A working website that shows what your business sells or what services you provide.

If you get hold of these things, you are almost there.

But, it’s important to know that, after getting all these, you may setup a stripe account using the details above and you still get your STRIPE APPLICATION REJECTED.

That hurts!

That’s why we will also be including steps to fully get a stripe account after getting the above requirements even though your website seems to be high risk or unsupported.

For now, let’s show you how to get the requirements!

Setting Up Stripe for Non US – Getting the Requirements

We will be getting all the requirements without stressing ourselves or engaging in any daunting paper work.

Forming an LLC is pretty expensive, yeah! And you should be spending from $400 to $900 for an LLC.

But don’t worry, we have made the research for you and going to show you the cheapest way to form an LLC without breaking your bank.

You’re only going to be spending $ for the most important as follows:

1. LLC formation.

2. EIN (employer Identification number).

3. Operating Agreement (shows proof you own the business).

For us to spend as little as $, we will be forming our LLC in a state called Kentucky.

PS: We Selling LLC Verified Stripe for you

2. $300 annual tax fees (you start paying this from next year.

However, We will be forming our LLC using an LLC formation company called Inc Authority.

Which Country Should I Form My LLC?

Well, we listed two countries above and you’re free to choose from one depending on your budget.

Most people prefer Delaware LLC because it’s the most popular place people form an LLC, but there are no exception.

We have used LLC’s formed in Kentucky to setup a stripe account, so you have nothing to worry.

You can either choose to form your LLC in Kentucky or do that in Delaware and we will guide you on the process below.

Forming your LLC and Getting an EIN

In other not to write so much texts, please watch the video above and follow the guidelines.

Below is a summary of what is in the video.

1. Quickly go-to Inc Authority and click on the Start now for Free.

2. In your entity type, select Limited Liability Company (LLC) and in the Formation State, select Kentucky.

3. In the next step, enter your First and last name, email address and contact phone number.

You’ll need a US Phone number, download DINGTONE app from playstore or applestore and purchase a US number for $49.99/year.

4. Follow the other steps in the video.

Well, you have successfully created an LLC and will be delivered in 1-7 days.

Filling the SS-4 EIN Form

After your LLC will be created and delivered by Inc Authority in 1-7 days.

They will mail you an SS-4 EIN Form to fill.

It’s just easy to do that.

Download this PDF (coming soon) here and keep in your records, when they send you your form, follow the guidelines in the pdf file and fill the form and send back to them.

It only takes 1-3 minutes, you don’t have to panic.

After that, you will get your EIN number within 1-5 days.

And when that happens, you’re almost close.

Getting a US Bank Account, US Physical Address and US Phone Number.

These are all easy and you may have all of them as well.

1. US Bank Account: If you don’t have an US bank account, you can go sign-up with and you will get a Free US bank account to withdraw funds from Stripe.

It’s free and easy, just sign-up and you get an instant approval.

If you need guidelines, read our post on how to creaye a Payoneer account in 2020.

2. US Physical Address: Your LLC formation will come with a free registered agent address if formed at Inc Authority.

You will see that in your LLC Operating Agreement or Article of Organisation document.

So, this is solved.

You Have a High Risk Website (by Stripe)?

If you already have an LLC with EIN but Finding it hard to get a stripe account?

Also follow the below guide.

Before you start to setup your stripe account for non us, it’s important I talk about this.

It’s sure you have a high risk website especially when you’re dropshipping or selling social media accounts or selling Instagram likes.

You sell electronics, you sell items that may bring in much customer disputes and much more.

But there is a way to surpass that, yark!

Now listen carefully!

Before we conclude if it’s high risk or not, after getting your LLC and EIN from Inc Authority.

Head over to and setup a stripe account using the LLC and EIN details. Download this pdf for guidelines on filling the form.

If at the end, you receive a mail saying they can’t accept you because your website is high risk, then that takes us to the next step.

Creating a Low Risk Website For Stripe Account

1. Purchase Hosting at Bluehost (free domain name and SSL). The domain name should be a random domain with English name.

Not in your native language!

2. Install WordPress and WooCommerce.

Randomly add products to the store.

Search on AliExpress or Google and add Shower Caps Products to your store with some description.

Make sure the following is active on your store:

  1. Contact Phone Number.
  2. Any Contact Address.
  3. Refund Policy.
  4. Privacy Policy.
  5. Terms and Conditions.

Now, go-to and setup your stripe Account using your LLC and EIN again. Download this PDF for guidelines on filling the form.

Your application will be approved!

If you still got a high risk related message (which I doubt) please contact us for additional guidelines.

We will offer you the support you deserve, all for free!


Finally, although this post is over 2000+ words, it contains value!

So, I’m glad to have shared my experiences so far with you towards getting a stripe account.

And don’t forget to share this awesome post.

Drop your questions in the comment box and we will be more than happy to attend to you!

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